Generators & Asset managers

Bringing together your energy production and financial performance across multiple sites.

In an uncertain environment, where decision making can prove far from simple, our solutions establish the link between physical production and improved financial performance.

By delivering relevant, real-time information needed to make informed decisions, we provide you with a platform to maximise operational performance and increase your asset yield.


Your virtual energy manager, our software offers generators and asset managers an intuitive and effective way of monitoring energy cost against consumption. 
Working as a virtual energy production manager, our software provides an asset management platform that simultaneously analyses energy production against financial performance.


How the UD Platform can transform your business

Broker energy and utility contracts more accurately and efficiently by enabling seamlessly efficient digital and paperless   B2B end-to-end transactions services

Enhancing market share and operational efficiency by transacting and engaging better with your business customers

Providing innovative solutions for complete energy and utility performance and management

Supporting energy businesses from market entry to a functional operating business, through consultancy and technology solutions

A completely flexible software platform with the simplicity of connecting with all legacy and third party systems