what we do

Here at UD Group we thrive on providing Energy and Utility Suppliers and Brokers the platform to simplify the B2B Quote to Submission journey.

The UD Platform enable suppliers to receive validated contracts from a broad selection of TPIs. In order to assist the sales process, the TPI will be able to quote and generate a contract for supplier products, and seamlessly produce and submit a validated, credit checked contract to the supplier.

The UD Platform at a glance

We provide a platform for the supplier market to enable them to support brokers and end users

Our energy focused customer management feature encompasses live quoting and contract production

We build price comparison websites that allows business customers to fully switch online

We build switching sites for suppliers allowing business customers to switch directly to the supplier from the full portfolio


  • Allows you to simplify and intuitively manage your business needs

  • Developed with simplicity at its core, in order to securely automate the entire journey of a new or renewing customer, through multi channel sales distribution via Brokers/TPI’s and real time price comparison websites (PCW’s)

  • Automates and speeds up the sales journey, ensuring positive user experiences and minimum disruption, from quote to contract, validation and submission through to commission

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How the UD Platform can transform your business

Broker energy and utility 
contracts more accurately 
and efficiently by enabling
seamlessly efficient digital
and paperless B2B end-to-end
transactions services

Enhancing market share and operational efficiency by transacting and engaging better with your business customers

Analyse energy and financial performance by bringing together energy production and financial performance across multiple sites

Providing innovative solutions for complete energy and utility performance and management

Supporting energy businesses from market entry to a functional operating business, through consultancy and technology solutions

A completely flexible software platform with the simplicity of connecting with all legacy and third party systems