The UD Platform boasts a seamless end-to-end quoting, contracting, validation and commission platform that simplifies your broker process



Market Leading Platform packed with features to ease and simplify the Quote to Submission process.

End-to-end contract generation and customer management

The manage feature is a fully integrated client relationship management, pricing and contracting solution.


  • Real time pdf and / or verbal contract completion

  • Automated and auditable process for increased productivity and earnings

  • Provision of detailed management information by staff member and client

  • Bespoke commission pricing

  • Fully auditable for compliance requirements



  • Gas and power meter point look up

  • Instant price comparison of the entire market

  • Bespoke supplier by supplier commission pricing

  • Bespoke workflow management of entire client journey

  • Individual client account management


End to end transaction and self-service hub

The transact feature is a web-based solution that allows suppliers and brokers to simplify the quote to contract journey across the energy and utilities sector.



  • Full quote to contract completion within one solution

  • Fully automated reporting suite, including commission

  • Error reduction through auto validated submissions

  • Seamless integration with existing billing platforms

  • Increased broker sales channel at low cost of entry

  • Increased productivity and earnings



  • Cloud-based software

  • Individual supplier pricing

  • Automated contract generation and acceptance

  • Real-time new business and renewal reporting

  • Gas, power and water meter point validation

  • Internal contract compliance verification

Seamless integration into legacy and existing systems

The integrate feature allows you to seamlessly integrate with and leverage the main core functions of your existing CRM system.


At a glance

  • Integrates easily with existing CRMs

  • Contains up to date contract pads, templates and verbal scripts

  • Real time access to supplier price books

  • Gas and power meter point lookup

  • Live price comparison

  • Auto contract generation

  • DocuSign and verbal script generation

Virtual energy production, performance and consumption tool

The monitor feature is a simple to use energy cost and consumption monitoring solution as well as an asset management platform that simultaneously analyses energy production with financial performance.



  • Virtual energy management

  • Receive notifications when usage falls outside of set tolerances

  • Quantify carbon footprint in compliance with regulatory requirements, CRC, ISO50001

  • Manage and monitor consumption and costs, designed specifically for large multi-site groups

  • Generate invoices based on sub metering data, ideal for facilities management companies

  • Improve transparency with itemised reporting that lists all components of energy costs

  • Validate invoices for multi-utilities

  • Compares different sites/regions using a ‘league table’ facility, encouraging responsibility at local level

  • Suite of consumption and cost reporting services

  • Bespoke dashboard to measure energy consumption against operational performance

  • Display complex data in simple graphical form

  • User-friendly dashboard

  • Intuitive navigation


Lead generation and marketing

The multi-channel feature is a fully integrated, white labelled b2b solution for brokers and suppliers which includes an energy price comparison website service as well as a marketing platform for lead generation.



  • Ability to transact online with reduced cost to serve

  • Fully supplier auditable and multi-supplier compliant

  • Enhanced speed to market

  • Full quote to contract completion within one solution

  • Own client branding



  • Gas and power meter point validation

  • Real time market-wide or selective supplier pricing

  • Full integration with UD Platform or existing client CRM

  • Automated PDF contract generation and completion


Maximising profitability with real time pricing, data forecasts and market trends

UD Insights provides a real time market intelligence feature that reports B2B energy procurement behavior



  • Informs real time supplier pricing and purchasing decisions

  • Ability to develop targeted marketing campaigns

  • Enables benchmarking of market share and activity by geography

  • Market trend monitoring and forecasting



  • Comprehensive analysis of all aspects of SME procurement behavior

  • Real time overview of market activity

  • Independent and objective statistical analysis of market developments



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