Transforming Power Solutions

One of the largest energy brokers in the UK



Established in 1995, Power Solutions has become one of the leading energy consultancies in the UK. Their focus is to procure the best possible energy solution for their clients whilst maintaining a strong relationship with their supply partners and investing in their key asset – people. To enable Power Solutions to continue growing yet maintain its focus on providing a quality service, based on value and trust, the business would inevitably need a single software solution to deal with the significant complexities businesses face when operation and scaling in this sector.

Business need


As Power Solutions’ business grew, the sheer volume of client data the company had to deal with, on a daily basis – including the collection of key data (MPAN and addresses details), analysis, pricing variables, interventions, quotes and contracts – was proving to be a significant business challenge. Not only did this threaten to erode the quality of service offered to clients it was also commercially proving to be both a labour intensive and expensive process. Power Solutions’ goal was to find a software partner who intimately understood both the client and supplier journey and could provide a single business solution.



By using UD crm, Power Solutions was able to transform its business process within a matter of months. UD crm incorporated all the critical components needed to take the client through an efficient and intelligent process and simultaneously provide the business with critical management information and reports. The solution delivered instant access to MPAN and address details; produced whole of market price comparisons in a matter of seconds and delivered a quality assured fully compliant business process from quote to contract. In addition, UD crm provided a secure environment for Power Solutions’ document storage and data processing.



Quotes and contracts can now be produced in minutes not days and contract rejections have been reduced to zero. Financially, sales have significantly increased and the cost to serve has been reduced. A fully compliant and auditable process is in place and management information is available instantaneously.