Transforming npower

See how we’re transforming npower’s b2b client growth



For npower, one of the largest energy providers in the UK, maintaining and growing its b2b business client base is a critical part of its business strategy. But to do so, the organisation must work with TPIs and direct clients to capture, store, analyse and manage massive amounts of operational data and processes whilst working within strict Supply Licence Conditions. The need to implement a transformational solution that would effectively simplify and manage this end-to-end process, be straightforward to deploy and yet be able to fully integrate within existing legacy IT systems was seen by some to be an extremely difficult objective to achieve.

Business need


npower felt it was not maximising the growth potential that was deliverable by working with TPIs and needed to find a way to increase their presence in that market. Their challenge was how to achieve this whilst at the same time reduce its cost to serve. To do this, npower had to look at how it worked with TPIs and determine if there was a better way that would deliver the desired results. npower’s initial question was: ‘Do we do this in-house or can we find a specialist that not only understands our business challenges but also understands the needs of our TPI distribution channel and ultimate b2b clients?’.

The answer was npower partnering with a specialist in UD Group.



By using UD portal, npower was able to transform its client engagement experience within a matter of months. UD portal was straightforward to deploy, integrated seamlessly with existing legacy IT systems and did not disrupt service delivery at any level. With instant access to meter data and address information, real time pricing, and a seamless journey from quote to contract, the UD portal provided a step change improvement to the way npower had previously been working and laid a solid foundation from which to grow.



By working hand in hand with npower’s IT and commercial teams, the deployment of UD portal has been transformational in the way npower transacts business with its TPI distribution channel. npower became easy for and attractive to TPIs to deal with. Sales volumes have risen dramatically and the cost to serve has been reduced. Integration with existing systems was achieved without any disruption whatsoever and the whole project was completed within a four-month period from beginning to end. UD portal was, and is, the solution that satisfied npower’s need.