Price Comparison Website

generate leads and open new markets

We launched the first ever UK Business Energy Price Comparison Site in 2011, enabling customers to price and switch energy contracts online via DocuSign

the benefits for brokers

Customer Driven

Unlike other providers who take your customer’s details and call them back with a quote, our Price Comparison Website gives an instant price and an opportunity to sign a contract online.

Lead Generation

Insightful information from your prospects such as contact details, consumption rates and renewal dates – sent directly to your CRM.

Access New Markets

Customise the site to your branding and develop multiple customised sites and targeted campaigns to suit your varying audiences.


Suitable for businesses both large and small whatever your market focus.

Access to Full-Market Pricing

Visibility to transparent and fully-managed pricing across all UK suppliers. Select the suppliers you want your customers to see with standard uplifts included.

Demonstrate ROI

Understand which of your marketing efforts are most effective by tracking the source of referrals.

Watch how easy it is to set up your own Price Comparison Website

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secure website

We will host your Price Comparison Website on our https IP address so you can be confident your communications and data are securely stored and handled, ensuring you remain GDPR complaint.

As our Price Comparison Websites are fully-integrated into the UD Web CRM, you can use these tools in conjunction to easily provide your prospective customers with access to quotes on a 24/7 basis.

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