Energy Brokers and TPIs

Enabling seamlessly efficient digital and paperless b2b transaction services for you and your clients

With an unrivalled insight into the needs and demands of both client and supplier, our software solutions ensure that the role of the energy broker is integral to b2b energy, water and utilities procurement processes.

UD Group’s suite of intelligent software solutions for brokers offer access to the most up to date quotations and pricing across the entire supply market, enabling you to make informed decisions and get the best deal. With a real-time overview of market data, your forecasting will benefit from staying one step ahead of trends and changes in the market.
Features and Benefits
  • Access entire supply market quotations/prices
  • Search facility with feeds into live national grid data
  • Real time market trend monitoring and forecasting
Our software can securely automate the entire journey of a new or renewing customer. From searching and comparing prices through to contract acceptance via DocuSign e-signatures or verbal scripting, we are here to make your job easier.
Features and Benefits
  • Quote to contract completion
  • Validate meter supply points via live national grid data
  • Automated credit checks
  • Add/manage commissions
  • Generate automated quotes and contracts
  • Contract acceptance via DocuSign or verbal scripting
  • Itemised reporting, including broker commissions
Keep on top of all your customer communications with UD Group’s intelligent client management solutions.
Features and Benefits
  • Automate and track all customer communications
  • Follow your customer sales journey with progress status updates
  • Generate automated quotes and contracts
  • Itemised reporting, including broker commissions




End-to-end contract generation and customer management



End-to-end transaction and self-serve hub



Seamless integration on existing and legacy systems.



Virtual energy production, performance and consumption tool



Lead generation and marketing



Maximising profitability with real-time pricing, data forecasts and market trends

Enhancing market share and operational efficiency by transacting and engaging better with your business customers

Analyse energy and financial performance by bringing together energy production and financial performance across multiple sites

Providing innovative solutions for complete energy and utility performance and management

Supporting energy businesses from market entry to a functional operating business, through consultancy and technology solutions