6 Ways for Energy Suppliers to Build Effective Partnerships with Their TPIs

As an energy supplier, ensuring you’re working as closely as possible with your TPI channel can be tricky business, as it’s not always easy or even possible to fully understand which business processes are working for both parties. Wouldn’t it be great if you had a better overview of your open quotes and were therefore able to track down potential conversion opportunities? Or maybe even visualise the type of quotes or submissions your TPIs are making? Well now you can – with UD’s Broker Insights business intelligence tool.

Here are 6 ways you could use this tool to connect more with your TPIs: 

  1. Identify where to increase sales – If you’re struggling to get an overview on your sales pipeline, UD Broker Insights gives you the ability to forecast by digging deeper into your sales funnel.
  1. Never miss an opportunity – UD Broker Insights can analyse trends, focus in on specific segments of the market and help to identify and convert valuable sales opportunities that you could otherwise be missing.
  1. Understand broker activity – You can now get better visibility into how TPIs are using your Broker Portal, which in turn can help you to better understand specific broker portfolios.
  1. Real-time, dynamic reports – Don’t waste time extracting manual reports when UD Broker Insights can provide you with presentable, up-to-date data in an understandable format. UD Broker Insights provides a real-time overview which can be easily manipulated to spot behavioural patterns and identify valuable opportunities.
  1. Increase broker retention – By understanding how your brokers are working with you, you can engage with them individually and personally to improve and grow your relationship.
  1. Reduce your cost to serve – Spend less time and money on tracking broker activity, manipulating reports and identifying opportunities – UD Broker Insights can take care of these things for you.

Understanding how your brokers generate business for you is not only beneficial to you as an energy supplier but will also help you to form better relationships with your TPIs, leading to more business for both parties. UD Broker Insights could be the tool you need to improve visibility into joint opportunities and will allow you to interpret your portal activity in a meaningful way for your organisation.

If you don’t already have a UD Broker Portal to help your TPI network generate quotes for customers and produce verified contracts, you could be missing out on sales. Take a look at how adopting a Broker Portal could help your business to maximise both sales and profit: https://www.udgroup.co.uk/suppliers-and-retailers/broker-insights/

If you are interested in understanding more about how Broker Insights could work for your business, fill out our enquiry form today: https://www.udgroup.co.uk/contact-us/